Online Certification Course on
Moving Toward An Empowered Customer-Centric Culture
Advanced Career oriented Certificate Program on Customer Service Excellence

Trusted Mark Secretariat offers following programs to train professionals on retail standards with ISO Experts/ Certification Bodies and Retailers. The program is a blend of videos and documents.

Conducted by Retail and Shopping Centre Industry Experts and Qualified Trainers on ISO Standards Trainers

  • ✤ Ramesh Koregave Director – Strategy and International Business, Quality Austria Central Asia
  • ✤ Santush Pandde, CEO, IRF Trusted Mark Org
  • ✤ Malcolm Stephens, Business & Leadership Coach, Transpower Synergies
  • ✤ Kapil Malhotra, Founder Director & CEO, Total Solutions Group

Profiles of participants

Retail & Shopping Centres :- Customer Service/ Operations/ Compliance / Legal/ Regulatory/ Corporate Affairs / marketing/ HR professionals

Real Estate Consultants :- Trainers, Auditors and Marketing Professionals

Pre-Qualification :- 5+ Years Work Experience in Retail, Shopping Centres, Audit, Certification and or Consultancy & Research.

Objective of the program

  • ✤ How to deliver 360 degree customer centric service ?
  • ✤ How to assure customers that you value their TRUST ?
  • ✤ How to understand the relation between customer centric process & success
  • ✤ How to understanding process and systems that contributes to retail and shopping centre success

Specific Insights

  • ✤ Customer Service Metrics – The New Normal Metrics
  • ✤ Policy & Procedure Manuals – Documentation of new problems and most acceptable solutions.
  • ✤ Audit Processes – Internal and Third Party Audits – Mystery Audit and Certification Body Audit.
  • ✤ Customer Service Standards – Technical Requirements of Trusted Mark Certification – Preparation and the Entire Certification Process.

Study Material

All the documents and videos are available to the participant once they avail the course.

Timeline of the Course

Course is available to the participants for 30 days and they have access to all the study material for that period.


After every chapter there are MCQ based questionnaire. The participants are given 2 chances for the correct answer for each question. The participants can only move onto the next chapter only when then have completed the questionnaire for the previous chapter.

Conditions for grant of certificate

The registered candidate must complete the entire course and met the minimum of 75% in their overall score to receive the certificate.

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