Dilip Kapur
Founder – President, Hidesign

Sixty-one-year-old Dilip Kapur, founder-president of Hidesign, an international brand, started designing leather bags as a hobby. Soon he converted that hobby into tradecraft. Yet what drives him is creative satisfaction and responsibility to environment than selling more bags and expanding his brand reach.

Having grown up in Auroville from the age of 4, he has lived as one ‘very close to nature’. So anything to disturb nature’s balance is unpardonable to him. That is why he uses only vegetable dyes for all the products made by Hidesign.

Having done his Masters and PhD in International Affairs from the prestigious Princeton University, it was designing leather bags and making a success of it that gave him creative satisfaction.

His is the story of how someone transformed a hobby into a passion and a successful business. Thirty-two years have passed, yet his passion for creativity has not diminished. What started off as a hobby with one man to help him, is today an international brand worth more than Rs 100 crore (Rs 1 billion).