M Ramakrishnan MD
Thulasi Pharmacies

Mr. Ramakrishnan started his career in the pharma industry as a medical representative for USV Ltd., in 1985.Thereafter he joined SOL Pharmaceuticals.

In 1990 he joined Cureil Pharma, a pharma distribution firm, as the Managing Partner. He founded Thulasi Pharmacies P.Ltd., in 2001 alongwith Mr.P.Radhakrishnan who is his partner in Cureil Pharma.

He was the Secretary, Coimbatore District Pharma Wholesalers Association from 2003 to 2007 and is the Zonal Secretary, Tamil Nadu Pharma Distributors Association.

He became the Managing Director of Thulasi Pharmacies in 2004 and continues to steer the company till date. The turnover of the group is around 175 crores.