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The ‘Trusted Mark’ Certification Scheme has been launched for Retailers & Retail businesses spanning across all retail operations including hypermarkets, super markets, department stores, speciality stores, e-retailers & service providers, restaurants, jewellers, pharmacies, salons, spas, wellness centres, FECs and cineplexes.

The ‘Trusted Mark’ Certification Scheme aims to serve two purposes. The first is to inform the industry about the ‘Trusted Mark’ Scheme and encourage them to improve on their practices and systems. The second is to assure consumers that retailers will adhere to the requirements of the Scheme, which is consumer centric.

The TRUSTED MARK Secretariat aims to undertake a nationwide campaign to establish the ‘Trusted ‘ mark as the seal for consumer trust – generating consumer awareness and assurance needed to encourage consumers to confidently shop, eat and enjoy products and services of outlets with ‘Trusted ‘ Mark.

Certification Bodies accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (Member International Accreditation Forum), to conduct the audit process. The TRUSTED MARK Secretariat has instutionlaized mechanism for capacity building and dissemination of the Scheme with identified partners.

The ‘Trusted Mark’ Scheme will address various segments and sub-segments. The categorisation of the scope of the Scheme with its ‘Trusted Marks’ is as follows:-

01) ‘Trusted Shop’
– for retailers in formats like hypermarkets, super markets, department stores, speciality and convenience stores
02) ‘Trusted Spa’
– for health resorts offering therapeutic services such as massages, saunas, baths and manicures.
03) Trusted Salon’
– for parlours offering beauty, facial, hair, skin and nail care services.
04) ‘Trusted Care’
– for Gyms, Fitness and Wellness centres.
05) ‘Trusted Restaurant’
– for Restaurants & Eateries.
06) ‘Trusted Cineplex’
– for Multi and Miniplexes.
07) ‘Trusted Fun Zone’
– for Family Entertainment Centres, Gaming & Play Zones, Water/ Ice Parks etc.
08) ‘Trusted Pharmacy’
– for Retailer of medicines on prescription/ OTC.
09) ‘Trusted Jeweller’
– for jewellery retailers.
10) ‘Trusted e-shop’
– for e-retailers & service providers
11) ‘TRUSTED SHOPPING CENTRE’ Trusted Mark Certification Scheme
– for Retail Real Estate Developers & Facility Management Companies

The ‘Trusted Mark’– The Seal of Consumer Trust

The ‘Trusted Mark’ is the seal of excellence in customer service and assurance of retailers adhering to the stringent requirements of the scheme.

Under this Certification Scheme, retailers are audited as per the relevant technical standards. Retailers that adhere to Scheme requirements obtain the Trusted Mark’. The ‘Trusted Mark’ will be allowed to be displayed on their outlet fronts/ e-page and all marketing and communication materials as an outward sign of their commitment to the Certification Mark.

Retailers seeking ‘Trusted Mark’ certification will conduct internal audit for each site under each format (100%) at least once a year and will have to comply with the requirements of the Scheme. The key to certification is not only adhering to statutory requirements but also the requirements as mentioned in each of the technical standard. This will help in bringing in transparency so that the consumers know what to expect from their purchase/ service from the point of browsing and buying to after-sales. This will ensure that the brick and mortar retailers in general and specifically e/m-commerce retailers, selling through e/m-commerce as well and omni channel adhere to mandatory compliance with respect to information, security and integrity in their transactions, as stipulated in the relevant standard of the scheme.

The ‘TRUSTED MARK’ Scheme has been formulated in a manner compliant to ISO;IEC 17065 which has sections namely, technical standards, certification process , requirements for Certification Bodies (CB). All the CBs accredited under the Scheme will need to adhere to the requirements of ISO;IEC 17065 as a part of the accreditation process.

The Scheme Owner

The ‘TRUSTED MARK’ Scheme is owned by the IRF Trusted Mark LLP, the international retail forum setting ‘customer centric’ standards in retail. Images Group, Promoter of the Trusted Mark is the premier knowledge, networking and business platform for India’s burgeoning retail, consumer brands and Shopping Centre industries.

The Trusted Board

The Trusted Board, with members representing the retail sector, trade & consumer bodies, NGOs, academia & research, legal, policy and regulatory bodies, supported by various committees comprising of members with diverse background (interested party representation and subject expertise) is the vanguard of the vision to establish the ‘Trusted Mark’ as the seal for consumer trust – generating consumer awareness and assurance needed to encourage consumers to confidently shop, eat and enjoy products and services of outlets carrying the ‘Trusted Mark’. The Board’s mission is to improve practices and systems in retail businesses and assure consumers that retailers will adhere to the stringent requirements of the Scheme, which is consumer centric.

Co-chaired by Mr. Krish Iyer, President and CEO, Walmart India and QCI Chairman, Adil Zainulbhai(Chairman Network18 and TV18 and Senior advisor McKinsey), the esteemed Trusted Board for the ‘Trusted Mark’ certification extends support with critical strategic advice on final approval on standards, modifications, CB audit process, programs to establish the mark as the seal of customer trust and optimum execution of the scheme.

About The Promoter

Images Group is recognised by the international retail community through its B2B Magazines, Conferences, Exhibitions, Research Volumes, Web Portals & Online Services, and is trusted as the catalyst for profitable growth of modern retail through knowledge platform leadership.

A strong portfolio of business publications have served since 1992 to inform, advise and inspire leaders and decision makers of the retail industry. Focused media serves the Retail industry across various verticals like Textiles & Fashion, Shoes & Accessories, Sportswear, Food & Grocery, Beauty & Wellness, Food Service, Consumer & Personal Electronics, Books, Music, Toys & Gifts, Home & Office Improvement , Leisure & Entertainment etc. through its various print and online publications and websites.

Images Group covers various aspects of retail business like space, location, market & consumer trends, store design & VM, product sourcing, merchandising, marketing & promotions, branding, supply chain & logistics, retail business models (Franchising, distribution, Licensing, Joint Ventures etc.), IT, CRM, HR etc.

The sole objective of the Images Group is to modernize Indian retail; bring retailers across the country in to the fold of structured businesses with modern systems & processes following Govt rules and regulations.

The Certification scheme is a step forward to encourage retailers to be more customer centric and adhere to the standards of the ‘Trusted Mark’ Certification Scheme in all retail operations.