Message of Mr. Amitabh Kant, Former Secretary, DIPP

amitabh-kant_messageDear Retail Industry Friends
The launch of ‘Trusted’ mark is indeed a very exciting news for the Indian consumers and I compliment Trustedmark.Org for developing the certification scheme for retailers operating in India across channels like brick and mortar, commerce or omnichannel.

I am happy that this Indian originated scheme has the scope for global acceptance.
Trustedmark Org has built a very strong community of retailers that truly believes in modern systems and processes and I am sure that these retailers once committed to the Trusted standards will together build a retail environment where consumer are aware, assured and encouraged to shop, eat and enjoy products and services of outlets with ‘Trusted’ Mark in full confidence.

I agree with QCI Chairman Mr. Adil Zainulbhai that the scheme needs to encourage SME retailers to go for the ‘Trusted’ Mark and I am glad that Chairman Mr. Krish Iyer has expressed his intent to push 100 of Walmart ’s top retailers in India to go for the ‘Trusted’ mark. This will indeed set the ball rolling and will be the 1st milestone in bringing thousands of retailers across India in to the fold of modern retail.

Wishing you all happy retailing and my best wishes to outstanding achievers of Indian retailing nominated for the prestigious IMAGES Retail Awards.