MESSAGE OF Dr. R. P. Singh

Message of Dr. R. P. Singh, Secretary General, Quality Council of India

R.P.SinghDr. R. P. Singh, Secretary General, Quality Council of India and Trusted Board Member expressed his pleasure on the launch said, “the IRF Trusted Mark Certification Scheme will achieve yet another milestone with the launch ‘TRUSTED SHOPPING CENTRE’ mark, the customer centric standards for malls in India. Millions of shoppers in India will be assured of a safe retail and social environment when they visit the certified stores or malls. India must adopt the best possible customer service mindset and give customers their deserved importance, and I compliment the Shopping Centres Association of India (SCAI), all trade bodies and multi stakeholder committees that have worked on developing these customer centric standards with the IRF Trusted Mark Secretariat. I hope that this certification under the internationally recognized national accreditation, the infrastructure for which exists in the Quality Council of India, will help shopping malls and retailers not only to adhere to the stringent standards but also motivate them to continuously improvise on benchmarking customer centric measures that are critical to assure a robust retail environment for customers”.