IRF Trusted Mark LLP is pleased to announce the launch of the first of its kind customer centric ‘TRUSTED MARK’ for retailers . The scheme developed with inputs from over 100 global and Indian retail industry stakeholders in accordance with ISO 17067 guidelines will


encourage retailers to improve on their practices and systems in operation. The ‘TRUSTED MARK’ seal will assure consumers that retailers will observe their rights through the agreed standards. The key to certification is not only adhering to statutory requirements but also the requirements as mentioned in each of the technical standards. This will help in bringing in transparency so that the consumers know what to expect from their purchase / service from the point of browsing and buying to after-sales.

Certification Bodies accredited for ISO/IEC 17065 by the National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB)- Member International Accreditation Forum – will conduct the audit process for retailers.

IRF Trusted Mark LLP aims to undertake a nationwide campaign to establish the ‘TRUSTED MARK’ as the seal for consumer trust – generating consumer awareness and assurance needed to encourage consumers to confidently shop, eat and enjoy products and services of outlets with the ‘TRUSTED MARK.’

Retailers seeking the ‘TRUSTED MARK’ certification can register with IRF Trusted Mark LLP by submitting the Application Form duly filled along with the requisite application fees.


  • Shweta Pandey

    The feedback comments on Trusted Care Criteria documents were submitted on 13th July 2016

  • Pushpa Girimaji

    The IRF Trusted Certificate Scheme for Care (, encompassing fitness, health and wellness, gymnasium) is quite extensive and good. I have however a few important suggestions for the consideration of the Committee:
    1. Under B.44 , (g) says: the brand/outlet takes full responsibilities for product safety standards of all its display furnitures, fixtures, H&W accessories, tools and equipments and fitments installed in the outlets.
    After this I would suggest the following addition:
    (h)The brand/outlet takes full responsibility for the proper calibration and maintenance of all its equipment and fitments ( installed in the outlets) so as to ensure their safety at all times.
    2. Again (L) says: The brand/outlet has prescribed quality standard for every product/service category it sells and conducts periodic audits in this regard.
    After this, I would like the following addition:
    (m):The brand/outlet uses only those therapies/programmes/diet supplements/weight loss products and gadgets validated for their safety and efficacy
    3. Under B5.2, (b) says: The REC policy is clearly stated at suitable places . Here I would like the addition of the words: “and on their website”
    4.And in the list of laws under B 3.3. I would like some of these laws added:
    Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954
    Consumer Protection Act
    5. I would like to repeat some of the suggestions that I had made for the hypermarkets here too, particularly about fire safety and fire exits, as that is one of the most important safety criteria in all public buildings. So I would like the following addition here too:
    The brand/outlet has all fire fighting equipment in place (as required under applicable law) and in working condition and has adequate fire exits to help customers escape in case of a fire and there are prominent signs showing these exits”
    6.Again in respect of ethical communication, I would suggest this addition:
    The brand/outlets ensure that all promotional practices are fair and comply with consumer protection laws pertaining to unfair and restrictive practices. This is particularly important here because many gymnasiums /weight loss centres are accused of making false claims.
    On staff training: suggested addition:
    “It is ensured that the staff is educated on the rights of consumers provided under the Consumer Protection Act”.
    On REC policy , suggested add:
    “REC policy complies with applicable laws, if any”
    On the dispute resolution mechanism: suggested addition:
    “And the brand publicizes on its website and at its outlet, the complaint resolution procedure and the time frame fixed , for the benefit of customers”

  • Sanjay Pandey

    Sportsfit submitted its feedback comments on Trusted Care criteria on 24th June 2016. Hope you have received them?

  • Ramesh Koregave

    We at BV have gone through all criteria documents as well a certification scheme. With many inputs such as assessment manday calculations, assessment costs, qualifications of personnel involved in audits and decision making….IRF has reached a stage of launching scheme within 17065 compliances by CBs.

  • Gibson Vedamani

    From the documents that IRF team has created one can understand the hard work done in the area of developing and adopting the right criteria for evaluation and certification of retailers. I am happy to see that the quality management systems and processes have been put on centre stage for achieving the tasks ahead.

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