IRF Trusted Mark LLP is pleased to announce the launch of the first of its kind customer centric ‘TRUSTED MARK’ for retailers . The scheme developed with inputs from over 100 global and Indian retail industry stakeholders in accordance with ISO 17067 guidelines will trusted_salonencourage retailers to improve on their practices and systems in operation. The ‘TRUSTED MARK’ seal will assure consumers that retailers will observe their rights through the agreed standards. The key to certification is not only adhering to statutory requirements but also the requirements as mentioned in each of the technical standards. This will help in bringing in transparency so that the consumers know what to expect from their purchase / service from the point of browsing and buying to after-sales.

Certification Bodies accredited for ISO/IEC 17065 by the National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB)- Member International Accreditation Forum – will conduct the audit process for retailers.

IRF Trusted Mark LLP aims to undertake a nationwide campaign to establish the ‘TRUSTED MARK’ as the seal for consumer trust – generating consumer awareness and assurance needed to encourage consumers to confidently shop, eat and enjoy products and services of outlets with the ‘TRUSTED MARK.’

Retailers seeking the ‘TRUSTED MARK’ certification can register with IRF Trusted Mark LLP by submitting the Application Form duly filled along with the requisite application fees.


  • The feedback comments on Trusted Salon Criteria documents were submitted on 13th July 2016

  • Naturals submitted its feedback comments on Trusted Salon on 17th July 2016

  • Lifestyle Compliance team has reviewed the ‘Criteria Requirement’ for ‘Trusted shop’ which is quite comprehensive. I believe that this unique “Trusted Certification” initiative of IRF, across formats of modern retail, will enhance best practices among retailers and significantly improve customer confidence and satisfaction.

  • We have gone through the criteria requirements in the category Fashion & Beauty and found it to be very exhaustive. It is a comprehensive list, however, we feel there is a need to populate Background verification of employees resulting in increasing the credentials of the Brands. Remaining of the feedback comments on trusted criteria requirements were already shared on 11th July 2016.

  • Govind Shrikhande

    “Shoppers Stop team has actively been involved in developing the scheme for Trusted Shop and Trusted E-Shop. Customer Care has been the very basic fundamental of our organization. It has indeed been very fruitful for all our Customer Care Associates having participated in developing the criteria requirements for the Trusted Marks. It was important to think, breathe, eat, sleep and SPEND like customers to be fully CUSTOMER CENTRIC and we are happy with the results. It not only documents all possible issues of customers that we usually come across and the full proof resolving process but also all issues that need to be looked in to – as we move towards an omni-channel era. We hope all stakeholders will participate actively in successful execution of the scheme. Certification bodies need to equip with required expertise and network to manage the audits effectively. All the check lists and scoring system will help retailers preparing for registration even before the launch of the scheme. I am sure Indian consumers are in for a good time”.

  • Shailesh Chaturvedi

    “I with my legal and compliance team have gone through the ‘Criteria Requirements’ for fashion stores and e-shops and found them quiet comprehensive. The certification scheme with ‘TRUSTED’ mark will indeed push retailers to follow global best practices and not just meet customer expectations but exceed them. It is important that we make customers aware of our customer related policies and their rights so that they do not hesitate to demand service, replacements and refunds for unsatisfactory products and services, share valuable feedback and push retailers to continuously work on improvements with a customer centric mindset”.

    • Trusted Mark Secretariat

      Dear Mr. Chaturvedi,
      We welcome your appreciation of the Trust Mark certification scheme and its objectives. The scheme is customer centric and aims at developing transparency between retailer’s efforts and customer’s expectations

  • Debalina Bhattacharya

    The comments on Trusted shop Criteria documents were submitted on 6th and 11th July 2016.
    Summary of comments:
    1. Regulatory Compliance: OK But Liquor license is repeated twice2. Sustainability: B.1.1.i : Promote ‘enjoy food but don’t waste’ thought among guest by placing posters- NOT REQUIRED3. HR Practices: BVF missing4. Practices and Systems: Restaurant and cinema covered but other sectors are not covered5. Communication: OK6. Goods and Services: Inventory system is not elaborate . Storage of goods not covered7. IT System: OK8. Customer care and support: OK9. Receipts , pricing and accounting: OK

  • Sankar Gopalakrishnan

    Reliance Footprint submitted its comments on Trusted shop Criteria Requirement document on 29th June 2016

  • Nivedita Kalathil

    The comments on Trusted shop Criteria document were submitted on 27th June 2016

  • The comments on Trusted shop Criteria document were submitted on 16th and 17th June 2016

  • Adidas submitted its comments on Criteria requirement documents on 15th June 2016

  • Aastha Tibrewal

    The comments on Trusted shop Criteria document were submitted on 14th June 2016

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