• KK Gupta

    Trust 100,Clause no. 4.5: IRF has developed appeals and complaints process (Trust 230). A Mediation Committee, reporting to the Trusted Board shall be responsible for receiving, investigation and resolution of any appeal / complaints
    I suggest to add “To see mechanism of handling complaints @IRF” instead of ‘complaints’
    Annexure D on Certification committee: I suggest mentioning and addressing followings under the purpose of Certification committee:1. Frequency of meetings and duration2. Adequacy of meetings and duration keeping in view purpose of CC3. How COI are managed between CB and respective nominee at CC?4. To avoid mix up of CB Certification Committee and IRF certification committee, can we rename CC?

    • Trusted Mark Secretariat

      Your suggestion of “To see mechanism of handling complaints @IRF” instead of ‘complaints’ is added
      1 & 2. CC meeting will be once a year for a day. Additional meeting can be called if required3. CC comprises of experts from various fields and collective decision is taken under the chairman of CC.4. IRF Certification Committee has been renamed Certification Committee (CC)

  • Avijit Mitra

    Great to see the Trusted mark getting ready for launch in a very short time. Kudos to IRF Certification Scheme Team!.

  • Rajendra Gupta

    1. The scheme model should be such that it protects and safeguards its own image and credibility before it ensures same for certified players. Any defaulter would bring down TRUST mark credibility in the market2. The scheme should first focus on Corporate retail companies since they are resourceful enough to afford and deliver required quality standards. The lower string of retailers may not be that ready as of today to even participate in such prestigious scheme and meet its fundamental requirements3. The scheme should go for Pilot projects / experiments at ground level to test-market, learn and evolve various dynamics of the scheme and that too in a phased manner. This might take time but the exercise would provide sound foundation to the scheme and relevant checks and balances can be developed4. Instead of one on one follow ups and scattered discussions try Focused Group discussions with stakeholders in cities with IRF offices so that a sense of collective participation develops5. A customer-centric scheme should have customer participation as well. IRF could conduct online surveys of customers about retailers, their services and quality standards, rate them and incorporate the score in final assessment as a regular feature of the scheme6. IRF can rope in Ministry of Consumer Affairs as well to build trust of customer in the scheme7. IRF should itself audit / check qualification part before retailer does Self-evaluation. This will serve as strict control over suitable applicants, their entry, eligibility and elimination of any unqualified applicant. This exercise should be on paid basis to help revenue model8. IRF could certify Retail company first, delegate the responsibility of assessing its outlets to the company based on self-evaluation. However IRF should periodically review, monitor & audit the adherence to desired quality standards itself. Any deviation to be penalized including withdrawal of Trust mark9. Among the Criteria documents SCM criteria should also be included10. Minimum score of 100 should be mandatory in Regulatory compliance for retailers to qualify. Any score less than 100 should disqualify the applicant11. I suggest Scoring pattern of A, A+, A++…..instead of A,B,C,D since it would be relatively more motivating

    • Trusted Mark Secretariat

      Dear Mr. Gupta,
      Thanks for your valuable inputs and suggestions on IRF Trust Mark Certification Scheme. The focused meetings are happening as suggested by you. We have on board various experts and eminent personalities to represent customer interests as well.

  • Gibson Vedamani

    From the documents that IRF team has created one can understand the hard work done in the area of developing and adopting the right criteria for evaluation and certification of retailers. I am happy to see that the quality management systems and processes have been put on centre stage for achieving the tasks ahead.

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