• KK Gupta

    Trust 200
    1. Though it is understood that in India it is NABCB which shall accredit CB but please advise if initially it would be QCI?2. In case CB is unable to obtain accreditation from AB within one year what would be status of clients certified by CB?3. In reference to clause no. 13 – IRF secretariat and structure vis a vis Scheme to be made more clear

    • Trusted Mark Secretariat

      1. No it will be NABCB only2. Clients will not be penalized for this delay3. Trusted Mark Secretariat is administrative unit of Trusted Mark Scheme operating under Trusted Mark Executive Director. Till Trusted Mark ED is appointed Trusted Mark Convenor is in charge.

  • Suhas Risbood

    An important part, IRF has to worry is not to allow CBs fall into price war, as is happening for ISO. Not as a part of documentation but IRF will have to put a control on CBs insisting that a standard fee is charged by all CBs. Client can choose CB based on his comfort or availability of auditor but not on cost. This has been successfully done for RJC Certification or SEDEX certification.

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