• Karun Sharma

    I checked the Manday document and found the error in calculations as pointed out by Dr. Sibichan Mathew. Although man-days required were correct but taking down numbers was done wrongly. 2.5 was written instead of 4.We shall be open to refine and revise if there are more such points before the system is installed for working.

  • Sibichan Mathew

    In my opinion, it is better to take the statement given under point No.2 onpage no. 4 dealing with Multisites (as defined by the client) off thebrackets.
    Please recheck the last line given under the *A summarised illustration*
    Total audit days = 5 + 2.5 + 0.5 = 10 days

  • Karun Sharma

    1. Team at Mumbai had decided to consider on-site audits that are conducted on sites of client. On-site audit would hence include audit conducted at actual retail outlets, regional offices, head offices etc. Off side would only include work performed as planning, reporting, updating client data base, communication etc and hence may not require mention in this scheme.
    2. It would be right decision to include regional offices or head offices for one man-day per office in addition to square root of sites and converted to next full integer. Calculations of example 1 for this is clear and transparent.
    3. ISO standards certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 14001 would not be right to mix audits with IRS audits. Its man-days shall not be able to club together with IRS audits for the purpose of clarity. NABCB would like to have independent man-days calculation and hence mention of these may be excluded. IRS audits may be planned after or before ISO standard audits.
    4- Calculations shown in Example 3 indicates 8 man-days for 70 stores. This is dilution of guidelines as the square root of 70 would be more than 8 and qualify for 9 audit days.
    5. I have not studied more examples due to paucity of available time and trying to meet your target of 3 PM.

  • Karun Sharma

    Mr. Gopal Naik’s suggestions are precise and many of these can be rightly built in. Let me express it clearly:1) Retailing space- I agree on carpet area for sq ft measurement2) Manpower classification- I agree with first point and we can build in maximum and minimum audit days based on employee strength. However I find it difficult to build category wise allocation and hence may be considered at a later stage.3) Audit man-day rate- Norms for travel and logistics can be easily framed as most of CB’s have these guidelines. Mr. Ramesh Koregave can share BVC norms to expedite it for early closure of this point.

  • Gopal Naik

    I have perused and certain suggestions are as under:
    1) In Indian context Retailing space is defined in many parameters. Such as Carpet, Built up , Super Built up , Chargeable etc. My suggestion is that area to be defined on the basis of Carpet Area as it will have only meaning and it is generally accepted by Govt. Authorities also.
    2) The revised manpower classification has given wide spectrum and minimized no of categories under this head. For Eg. Manpower grouped in 100 to 500 is placed in one category. It means if manpower with 100 as well as 500 will require same man days for Onsite as well as Off site. In my view, you should use the qualifying word as Maximum No . of Man days for the Auditor. Further it may be noted that manpower in an format is dependent upon the type of category the Retailers are doing business. For Eg. An apparel Retailer with equal size area of Grocery/Hyper Retailer will have far less no of Manpower also consumer base.
    3) Audit man-day rate- It is not defined as to what type of travel/Boarding –Need to specify Auditors entitlement. I.E Whether mode of transport travel by Train, Air, Taxi etc. Who will decide this ? Who will decide expenses to be incurred. Whether Retailers or Auditors themselves. Whether CB has any role. It requires to be fine tuned.
    Trust you may like to peruse the above.

    • Trusted Mark Secretariat

      Area in the document has been revised to ‘Carpet Area’Manpower slab of 100-500 have been split into 101-250 and 251-500Audit manday table has incorporated minimum and maximum audit mandayTravel, boarding and lodging can be provided/arranged by the client wherever applicable. This will allow the client to work out cost effectively.

  • KK Gupta

    Trust 202
    Consultation between CB and IRF regarding mandays planning for >150 effective number of personnel could pose some practical problems as clients will approach CBs for commercial quote and CB quotes will be on the basis of man days. So all CBs will approach IRF for every case in this category

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