• KK Gupta

    Trust 201
    1. How does self- evaluation effect audit stringency?2. Do CB audit against desired Stars OR is it that client is audited without prejudice to any star rating?3. Having obtained say 5 star initially but unable to maintain the same during annual audits … what it will be dealt with?

    • Trusted Mark Secretariat

      1. Self-evaluation is independent of final audit by CB. It not only provides transparency to the process but also allows retailer to know and prepare itself for the required Standards before final audit. The retailer would know its competence level before going for audit through self-evaluation2. CB’s audit would not be influenced by self-evaluation by retailer. It would be impartial and genuine as per laid down guidelines3. As per CC meeting on 8th Sep 2016:Fluctuations in the rating during the certification cycle –a. During surveillance audit there is possibility that an outlet shows drop in star ranking. Such outlet will be allowed a window of 30/60 days to correct its ratings through re-audit. If score improves the earlier rating will be reinstated. If score does not improve then the outlet would have lower rating as per audit findings.b. The above window is available to the retailer provided number of lower rated outlets do not exceed threshold of 30%. If retailer receives multiple ranking, lowest 30% ranked outlets shall be re-audited.

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