IRF Trusted Mark LLP is pleased to announce the launch of the first of its kind customer centric ‘TRUSTED MARK’ for retailers . The scheme developed with inputs from over 100 global and Indian retail industry stakeholders in accordance with ISO 17067 guidelines will encourage retailers to improve on their practices and systems in operation. The ‘TRUSTED MARK’ seal will assure consumers that retailers will observe their rights through the agreed standards. The key to certification is not only adhering to statutory requirements but also the requirements as mentioned in each of the technical standards. This will help in bringing in transparency so that the consumers know what to expect from their purchase / service from the point of browsing and buying to after-sales.


Certification Bodies accredited for ISO/IEC 17065 by the National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB)- Member International Accreditation Forum – will conduct the audit process for retailers.

IRF Trusted Mark LLP aims to undertake a nationwide campaign to establish the ‘TRUSTED MARK’ as the seal for consumer trust – generating consumer awareness and assurance needed to encourage consumers to confidently shop, eat and enjoy products and services of outlets with the ‘TRUSTED MARK.’

Retailers seeking the ‘TRUSTED MARK’ certification can register with IRF Trusted Mark LLP by submitting the Application Form duly filled along with the requisite application fees.

You should be operating in any of the following channels: Physical stores / e/m commerce-on line & with mobile apps/ Tele-TV Channels / Catalogue – Direct Selling / Omni channel.



    Key Agenda :
    · To arrive at the Final Check-list to carry out the Audit Process for the “TRUST MARK” involving committee members from various business verticals
    · Go through the Check-list framed almost an year ago (with few times iterated) and firm up the final check-list
    · Enable Launch of the program at the earliest.
    Major Areas of Audit
    • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
    • Practices and Systems
    – Sustainability
    – HR Practices
    – Communication
    – Goods & Services
    – Terms and Conditions of Sale
    – Transactions and Accounting
    – IT Eco-system
    – Customer Care (1, 2)
    Audit Scope
    • Company / Brand Level for Policies & Legal / Regulatory Compliance
    • Outlet level for Implementation
    Applicability of Audit
    • A – Basic essential – Those which are universally required to operate a retail outlet / e-commerce irrespective of product/service
    • B – Product/service specific – Those which are product or service specific such as FSSAI for food, and are dependent on the segment to be audited
    • C – Location/other requirements specific – Those whose applicability are not universal and will vary from location to location
    • Every Brand / Outlet to have necessary Legal and Regulatory licenses to carry out the business.
    • It will be a self-declaration.
    Our View: Not to be part of Audit. Whoever is abiding by the rules are eligible to participate.
    Practice and Systems:
    1. P & S Sustainability
    • Primarily discussing about the Environmental sustainability, viz,
    – Waste Management
    – Eco-drive
    Our View: Company’s effort towards Eco-Friendly products / services / Supporting Go Green to be assessed
    2. P & S – HR Practices
    • Policy and Implementation
    – Staff Hiring
    – Staff Appointment
    – Staff Capability Building
    • Grooming Standards etc.
    Our View: This is an internal Matter of any organization. Also there are franchisee run stores for certain companies. Companies will give guidelines to the Franchisees to maintain the Brand Standards. The larger picture is to know whether the brand delivers its promises and create customer delight.
    3. P & S – Communication:
    • Communication to Customers on Products / Offers etc
    • Ethical Communication in brand
    Our View: To be restricted only to customer communication
    4. P & S – Goods and Services
    • Policy on Procurement / Sourcing / Quality of products
    • Vendor Certification Policy
    • Incoming Material Quality Check / Removal of outdated products etc
    • Hall Marking for Jewellery – Currently Not mandatory. Therefore not part of the Scope. However Customers are encouraged to see the purity of their / our jewellery in any of our retail outlets.
    Our View: This is an internal matter of any company. To be kept away from the scope of audit. We believe company is responsible for its products and services.
    5. P & S – Terms and Conditions of Sale
    • Policy on Guarantee and Warranty
    • Notification of the same
    • Policy on Refund, Exchange or Compensation and Redemption.
    • Right to Refuse
    • Order Cancellation Policy
    Our View: Any brand has to adhere to their laid down policies. Incase of audit, the auditor should audit the policy versus actuals.
    6. P & S – Transactions and Accounting
    • Policy on Ethical Transactions,
    • Retail Tax Invoice / Clarity of Billing
    • Records of Transaction
    Our View: Every brand has to ensure legal tax invoice. Pricing is internal matter of the company. However every customer will have to be informed about the product pricing before every transaction. Product Quality Authenticity card is mandatory
    7. P & S – IT Ecosystem
    • Policy on Information Security
    • Adherence to IT Regulation
    • Data Safety
    Our View: Brands to have their own IT policy and adhere to the same. Also to ensure the safety to customer data.
    8. P & S – Customer Care (Service, Feedback, Resolution)
    • Facilities for Informed Shopping
    • Store Ambience / Amenities
    • Customer Service Department
    • Redressal of Complaints
    Our View: It is important. Also to focus on Customer Engagement by the sale staff. Every Jewellery Store to have a Karatmeter ( XRF machine) to enable customers check the purity of their gold or anything they are buying from the jewellery outlets.
    P & S – Customer Care (Customer Data, Safety & Privacy)
    • Policy on Use of Customer Data
    • Policy on Safety and Security to Customers
    • Policy on Customer Privacy
    Our View: It is important. Every company should adhere to its Policy of Customer Data Safety

  • Pankaj Patel

    For Jeweller:
    Bureau of Indian Standards Act is applicable and FSSA is not applicable

  • Sunil Nayak

    This is a great initiative by IRF, launched in record time. The “Trusted Jeweller Mark” would set new benchmarks in the way jewellery retail is carried out in the country. Jewellery is a Trust based business and the “Trusted Jeweller Mark” would be a great differentiator from customer point of view.

  • C K Venkataraman

    In old gold exchange scheme melting should be done right in front of the customers in a transparent manner.Cost of gold and precious metal & stones should be mentioned separately with quality and weight and labour/ craftsmanship separately. Hallmark specific criteria requirements will be covered by Hallmark standards.

  • Shweta Pandey

    The feedback comments on Trusted Jeweller Criteria documents were submitted on 13th July 2016

  • Brijesh Goyal

    The feedback comments on Trusted Jeweller Criteria documents were submitted on 8th July 2016

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